The evenings were buzzing with concerts, music and dancers ... Sunday's brunch this year was held at Cafe New Orleans with a stunning view overlooking Gibsons Harbour. The sun came out and was welcomed at the Free Festival in Winegarden Park. The crowds filled the park to enjoy the spectacular view as the sound of music made the hillside come alive.

Winegarden Park

hot club of mars
'The Club' on Friday night with Hot Club of Mars

'The Club' Saturday with the Creek Big Band

soulstream duo
Karen Graves and Vince Mai
of Soulstream
keep the crowds at
the infamous
Robert's Creek Hall
partying all night long

Sunday Brunch with Glenda Rae and Acoustic Groove with guest Tom Keenlyside


'MG2M' opens the free festival in Winegarden Park                                
. . . followed by the delightful vocals of 'Definitely Diva'
The 'Drumheads' get people dancing
between sets

dixieland rhythm section

The Bayou Dixieland Jazz Band
has too much fun while the
rhythm section keeps it all together
dixieland rhythm section

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