Local restaurants, the Heritage Playhouse, St. Bart's Church and the Gibson's Library were filled all week with live music and entertainment to the delight of audiences from the community and beyond.

Brad Muirhead
from ' IMPROVIA '

hot club of mars
Hot Club of Mars
at the Gumboot

michael dunn
Michael Dunn
at the Gumboot

charlotte wrinch
Charlotte Wrinch Quartet
at Gibson's Library

guitar workshop
Michael Dunn gypsy jazz style guitar workshop

Film night with Blaine Dunaway, Ken Dalgleish
and John Parker-Toulson at the Heritage Playhouse

film night

little creek band
'Little Creek Band'
at Pack Rat Louies

luci herder and friends
'Luci Herder and Friends'
packed them in at Leo's Restaraunt

verna chan
Verna Chan
at Howl at the Moon

jacquie allan
'Jaquie Allan'
at Leo's

'Improvia' with the brushstrokes of Nadina Tandy
at the Gumboot

glenda rae
Glenda Rae & Miles Black
filled the acoustics of St Bart's Church

glenda rae
Glenda Rae
vocals extraordinaire

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