The outdoor festival in Dougal Park was threatened with clouds but it just brought the crowds closer together under the big festival tents to enjoy a full afternoon of music. There was truly something for everyone from the nostagic to free improv, some dixieland, world music and ... a dragon "Jazz", complete with her own homeschool kids band.

Dal Richards and his band can still wow the crowds
the Bruce Freedman Trio introduce the quality sounds of improv

Chris Tarry

Michael Occhipinti

Harry Busby

Blaine Dunaway

Dal and Saul Berson

Stan Taylor
plays double duty

Joe De Leo and Ken Grunenburg
of Cedar Groove

the Festival Dragon

Bob Ethridge

Bayou Dixieland Band
get the crowd up and dancin'

What the heck is Pepe playing?

How many kids can you fit
under 'Jazz' the Festival dragon?

and the Sizzling sounds of El Sur

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