The Dougal Park Festival had it's first year of rain ... not the whole day ... but instead of deterring the audience, the faithful live music lovers were there in droves. When Celso Machado got on stage and played his magical rain forest music people soaked it all in under the cozy festival tents. The children from the Makosso Village brought out the sunshine and a truly good time was had by all.

jazz festival
Celso Machado
'that's a Kora he's playing'
Karin Bergen and Realtime Jazz started the day

Barry Taylor

Karin Bergen

Paul Steenhuis

Walter Martella

                                                Everyone's favourite 'Mother of Pearl'
Eastwind' blows up a storm

Mick has always
to play keyboard

Hot Club of France is loved by all
The Mythmaker
Stiltwalkers are a hit
with kids of all ages

CRASH heats it up in the Park

Makosso Village Kids on Drums

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