Jazz Week had all the restaruants, streets, the theatre and library filled with live music for 7 days before the big weekend. From the film night, to workshops in the library, music lovers flocked to Gibsons for evenings of fine food and entertainment and were never disappointed. Every festival would never exist if it were not for the volunteers that manage to run the whole darn thing and we sure like to keep ours happy!

want to learn Brazilian rhythms?
come to a Celso Machado workshop

3 Generations of Jazz
truely captivated the crowd

good books, good jazz !

or .. paint what you hear

. . . . to the sounds of 'Improvia' at the Gumboot

Joe De Leo and Steve Giltrow

Luci Herder               

Luci Herder and Friends having to much Fun !
            Blaine Dunaway

'After Hours' sing at Pack Rat Louies

The Richmond Singers at St. Barts                 

Ken Grunenberg

Tyrel Mullock

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