2000 head

The Gibsons Landing Jazz Festival
was held June 17, 2000
This is a pictoral taste of the performers
and people taking part in this
event packed with an exciting variety of music
and sometimes surprising and unusual events.

Tom Comet and Heather
'Amazing voices filled the air'

Scott Harris

Penny Lalo Singh

Lalo sings
Scott Harris Kristia Sheffield Ensemble

Kristia Sheffield

as the crowd relaxed and enjoyed

Peggy Lee Axe Capoeira
Maros Barrao and Lalo bring the crowd to their feet!

Peggy Lee from 'Talking Pictures"

the rhythmatists
The Rhythmatists play the 'Acoustic Stage'               

members of Skywalk on the main stage

Sanctuary All-Stars
The Sanctuary All-Stars

chainsaw 1. chainsaw 2. chainsaw 3.
Yes, that is a chainsaw as Tom Comet entertains the crowd between acts

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